What is Bioptron® Light Therapy?

The Bioptron® Light therapy is based on linearly polarized light. Polarized light is a special kind of light that propagates in flat waves parallel to each other. The Bioptron® light has a wavelength of 480 to 3400 nm and therefore contains no UV rays. Thanks to internal cooling, the temperature at the skin is at most 1 to 2 degrees Celsius higher than our normal body temperature. Burning the skin is therefore impossible.

What does polarized light do?

- stimulates specific cells of the immune system (neutrophils and macrophages)
- repairs damaged and weakened cells (by repairing the cell membrane)
- increases energy production in the cell in combination with Bioptron® Oxy Spray (*)

(*) The Bioptron® Oxy Spray sterile (250 ml) contains 500% more oxygen than ordinary water. This extra oxygen supply stimulates wound purification and energy production in the cell, resulting in an even faster wound closure.

Result: production of new blood vessels (improved circulation) and faster production of new skin (by stimulation of, among other things, the keratinocytes)

The Bioptron® devices are medical devices with innovative technology, designed for use by both professional and private users. Matching tripods ensure optimum ease of use.

All Bioptron® devices have the same therapeutic effect, the only difference being the treatment diameter and design. All Bioptron® Light therapy devices are "Made in Switzerland" and are produced by BIOPTRON AG.

HAROMED BVBA has been the privileged partner of BIOPTRON AG (Zepter Group) for more than 25 years, as an official distributor and service center (after-sales service - maintenance - repairs) for the Benelux.
The Bioptron® devices can also be rented for treatment at home. Ask for our conditions without any obligation.


Brochure Bioptron® Light Therapy

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