HAROMED has become the new owner of the Surfasoft® brand.

Surfasoft®, a monofilament non-adherent micro perforated contact layer, can be used for fixation of skin grafts, as a wound contact layer or as interface dressing for NPWT.

The newly produced Surfasoft® is now also available in two new sizes, in addition to the existing size of 20 cm x 33 cm:

The (new) dimensions and packaging are:
• 10 cm x 15 cm - box 10 pcs – NEW
• 20 cm x 33 cm - box 25 pcs
• 50 cm x 65 cm - box 5 pcs – NEW


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New type of dressing in the range for negative pressure therapy Exsudex®:

Exsudex® Incisional Management System Dressing Set
with Soft Silicone Perforated Contact Layer


This ready-to-use dressing is provided with a perforated silicone contact adhesive layer and an already attached suction pad, which can be applied to closed sutures / sutures to prevent, among other things, wound dehiscence.

This dressing can also be used on well-granulated wounds with low exudate production and can be left in situ for several days.

The breathable, perforated silicone contact layer ensures flexible application and atraumatic removal of the dressing (in any skin folds) and is also very skin-friendly.

Splinting of the incision edges.
Protective barrier against external sources of infection.
Active drainage of fluid from the incision site (to the canister).

As a primary or secondary dressing for the management of surgical and arthroscopic incisions (for clean, closed, stitched or stapled incisions)

This dressing is available in 4 different sizes: 15 cm x 15 cm, 10 cm x 20 cm, 10 cm x 30 cm and 10 cm x 40 cm.
Each set contains, in addition to the ready-to-use dressing, a sterile field, ruler, skin prep tissue, 1 x PU film 20 cm x 30 cm and 5 x PU edging strips for additional fixation of the dressing at the periphery.

This incision dressing is compatible with both the Exsudex® XL-i and the Exsudex® XS unit.



Our main concern is the health of our employees, customers and partners. In the context of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have adjusted our operations to continue to guarantee the continuity of our services, in accordance with the necessary COVID-19 measures.
However, our services have not changed. Some delay may occur with the delivery of orders by external partners. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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Hospital care unit for negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) Exsudex® XL available now with instillation mode.


EXSUDEX® XL-i: 1 unit for both regular NPWT and open abdomen NPWT, and NPWT in combination with instillation.


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