Exsudex® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy at home

Exsudex® Negative Pressure Therapy at home

What is negative pressure therapy?

Negative pressure therapy, also known as vacuum therapy, is a special form of therapy in active wound care, which uses a vacuum or controlled negative pressure to stimulate the healing of wounds. This ‘negative’ pressure seeks to heal wounds more quickly by e.g. rapidly removing the wound fluid, stimulating blood circulation in the wound, preventing or reducing swelling and bringing the wound edges together more quickly.

How does negative pressure therapy work?

A kind of sponge (also called foam) or gauze is applied in or on to the wound and then taped into place with a transparent film dressing. An opening is cut into this film dressing and upon which an suction pad is fitted. Using a tube, this suction pad is connected with a vacuum pump (type Exsudex® XS), which removes the wound exudate, together with any bacteria, and generates a negative pressure around the wound.

Mobile unit Exsudex® XS with carrying bag

Example of a dressing set for negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)


Exsudex® XS, vacuum pump for negative pressure therapy at home

Exsudex® XS is the type of vacuum pump offered by HAROMED to outpatients to provide negative pressure therapy at home. All consumable materials can also be supplied via HAROMED.

The request to start up negative pressure therapy at home is normally made by the treating doctor or wound care nurse. HAROMED has been working with carers in different hospitals and home care organisations for many years and has gained significant expertise related to the relevant care procedures for negative pressure therapy at home. Such experience ensures a smooth transition to the home situation when patients, whether or not hospitalised, are considered eligible for negative pressure therapy at home.

Patients will always be provided with all necessary information beforehand by both the carer and HAROMED.

If you require further information about negative pressure therapy at home, please feel free to contact us without any obligation (tel 09/326 0510 of info@haromed.com.

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