Bioptron® devices and accessories


The Bioptron® devices are medical devices with innovative technology, designed for use by both professional and private users.

Matching tripods ensure optimum ease of use.

All Bioptron® devices have the same therapeutic effect, the only difference being the treatment diameter and design. All Bioptron® Light Therapy devices are "Made in Switzerland" and are produced by BIOPTRON AG (Zepter Group).

HAROMED BVBA has been the privileged partner of BIOPTRON AG (Zepter Group) for more than 25 years, as an official distributor and service center (after-sales service - maintenance - repairs) for the Benelux.

The Bioptron® devices can also be rented for treatment at home. Ask for our conditions without any obligation (tel 09/326 05 10 or via e-mail






30 years of intensive research, hundreds of clinical trials, and significant investment make BIOPTRON the world’s leading Light Therapy Device for health and beauty. BIOPTRON MedAll is designed for use at home, in hospitals, sports & wellness centers and in therapeutic clinics. Small yet powerful, the Swiss-­made medical light system is clinically proven and certified across the world, for faster healing and pain relief of numerous medical conditions. The device comes in a handy plastic case for smart storage and transport. The filter diameter treatment area of BIOPTRON MedAll is approximately 5cm. The 100% safe spectrum of BIOPTRON polychromatic light does not contain any UV radiation.


Brochure - IFU Bioptron® MedAll






The BIOPTRON Pro 1 Light Therapy device is designed for use at home, in hospitals and therapeutic centres. With BIOPTRON Pro 1 you save energy, time and money as the state-of-the-art sleep mode only uses 0.5 W standby power so that the device can be ready for treatment anytime you want with no energy waste.

The device is available either with a functional floor stand and/or an ergonomic table stand allowing flexible use in domestic and professional environments. Easily adjustable height and head inclination as well as the ability to rotate the device head up to 360° allow a convenient usage for nearly any position. Treatments can easily be timed by a control panel down to 30 seconds. An integrated distance rod ensures the recommended distance to the skin surface area. The table stand is additionally equipped with a dust cover and a comfortable supportive mat (disinfectable, exchangeable and washable).

The filter diameter of BIOPTRON Pro 1 (approx. 11 cm) allows the treatment of small as well as bigger areas. With the new sleep mode function, you can keep your BIOPTRON device always ready for treatment with nearly no energy consumption.


Brochure -IFU Bioptron® Pro 1





The BIOPTRON 2 light therapy device is primarily designed for use by health professionals. Different stands are available (y-stand, wall-mounted) to assure the best-fitting solution for every need. The easy positioning allows a comfortable treatment for the patient as well as for the medical professional user. On a control panel the duration of each treatment session can easily be preset up to 95 minutes, dividable into minute-steps. The filter diameter (approx. 15 cm) permits the treatment of larger areas and hence offers a time effective therapy.


Brochure - IFU Bioptron® 2

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