SURGHYDRA aloe vera medical post-treatment cream

Redness, irritation or a feeling of discomfort are the signs of altered epidermis following surgery, procedures or any external aggression.
HAROMED has developed SURGHYDRA, the daily response tailored to the needs of your skin to help it in its recovery process.

What can you use SURGHYDRA for ?

SURGHYDRA is a cream with hydrophilic properties indicated to treat and heal damaged skin immediately after the closure of grafts, chronic wounds, burns, after laser treatment, radio- or chemotherapy and related indications. It also helps to prevent abnormal scar formation.

SURGHYDRA contains multiple active ingredients including ALOE VERA, ALLANTOIN and ANTIOXIDANT substances. The highly restorative and moisturizing properties of ALOE VERA have been recognized and scientifically documented for years.


SURGHYDRA soothes and relieves itching and tautness, the main features of vulnerable or damaged skin. It reduces andprevents redness due to irritated, sensitive and/or dry skin. These effects are made possible by its formula containing ALOE BARBADENSIS, known for its soothing, moisturizing and recovery action.


With its formula enriched in ANTIOXIDANTS and ALLANTOIN, SURGHYDRA facilitates the skin’s physiological repair and restores the hydrolipidic film. An optimized repair of the skin’s “barrier” function promotes reepithelialization and wound healing. When soothed and stimulated, the epidermis is reconstructed more quickly.


SURGHYDRA combines the skin protecting effects of CAPRYLOYL GLYCINE with CAMELINA SATIVA SEED OIL in its formula in order to create a protective barrier and preserve essential moisture. Their moisturizing and protective qualities bring comfort, softness and suppleness to the skin without leaving a greasy film.

How to use SURGHYDRA ?

SURGHYDRA needs to be applied generously and as often as needed until complete recovery. The texture of this cream is easy to spread and quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy film. SURGHYDRA is also recommended for dry, sensitive and/or irritated skin. However, SURGHYDRA may not be applied to an open wound.

In a nutshell, SURGHYDRA...
… treats damaged skin
after wound closure.
… heals burns, transplants
and chronic wounds after care.
… reduces itching and irritation.
… prevents abnormal scar formation.
… moisturizes dry, vulnerable
and/or irritated skin.

Product range:

 CNK 3054-012  - SURGHYDRA 30 ml 

 CNK 3054-004  - SURGHYDRA 100 ml

 CNK 3053-998  - SURGHYDRA 200 ml