Silicone gel for treatment of scars


To be used for scars caused by surgeries, injuries, acne, burn wounds or skin infections and for hypertrophic (= thickened) scars.


General advice:

Read the instructions carefully before you start using Silicone SCAR GEL. It is possible to obtain this medical device without a prescription. Nevertheless, you must use Silicone SCAR GEL with care to ensure a good result. Keep these instructions in the safe place.

Product description:

Silicone SCAR GEL is a transparent silicone gel which can be used for fading scars or to reduce the formation of scar tissue. The gel can be easily applied on the scar, it is not sticky and it dries quickly.

This silicone gel seals the skin of the scar. It improves the hydration of the skin and ensures that less connective tissue (collagen) is created. This reduces the redness and thickening of the scar and makes it softer.

Silicone SCAR GEL can be used by anyone who has a scar. Silicone SCAR GEL is suitable for all skin types, all ages, and also for children. You can start applying Silicone SCAR GEL as soon as the wound is closed and healed or when the stitches have been removed. In case of an existing scar, you can start using it immediately.

A scar forms as a result of deep skin damage. If only the epidermis is damaged, e.g. in case of a graze, there will be no scarring. However, if the underlying dermis is also damaged, e.g. in case of deeper injuries, a scar will form when the wound is healing. This scar tissue is composed of collagen. Scar tissue is less elastic than undamaged skin.


Symptoms caused by scars: A scar is often disfiguring, but it can also give rise to other symptoms such as:

·         Itching, pain or irritation

·         Reddish thickening of the skin

·         A scar can become hard

·         A feeling of tightness

·         Obstructing the movement of a joint


The gel reduces scar formation and helps fade hypertrophic and keloid scars, e.g. in case of burn wounds, acne, surgeries, injuries, and skin infections. Hypertrophic scars can also be treated with the gel. The gel can be applied to both recent and older scars. With the application of Silicone SCAR GEL, scars become smoother, softer, more elastic and less visible. In addition, Silicone SCAR GEL reduces redness, discolouration and thickening of the skin and itching, as well as helps reduce pain due to scarring. The sooner the scar is treated with Silicone SCAR GEL, the lower the risk of a permanent scar.

Use Silicone SCAR GEL if:

• A scar remains red for a long time after the wound has healed

• A recent scar thickens, grows in size or causes problems

• An older scar causes problems

Silicone SCAR GEL is effective for:

·         Existing scars, both new and earlier scars;

·         Reducing hypertrophic and keloid scar formation after (deep) injuries;

·         Closed (sutured) wounds after a surgery, infection or other skin damage;

·         A closed burn wound;

·         Acne scars, even when located deep in the skin;


It is advisable to first consult your attending doctor before using this product during pregnancy or breast-feeding.


·         Consult your doctor or pharmacist first before applying Silicone SCAR GEL on top of another skin treatment

·         Silicone SCAR GEL must not be used on open wounds

·         Silicone SCAR GEL must not come into contact with mucous membranes

·         Avoid contact with the eyes

·         Keep out of reach of young children

Possible side effects: Silicone SCAR GEL may, in exceptional cases, cause redness, pain or irritation of the skin. If hypersensitivity reactions occur, the treatment must be discontinued.


Instructions for use:

The area to be treated must first be cleaned with water. After this, the gel can be applied to the clean, dry skin. Ensure that the gel is applied in a very thin layer. Gently massage the gel on the scar and surrounding skin twice a day, using a circular motion. Allow the gel to dry (4 to 5 minutes). Remove any excess gel with a cloth or tissue. Once the gel has dried, cosmetics or sunblock can be applied, as desired.

Silicone SCAR GEL can be used as soon as the wound has closed and healed. The more recent and new the scar is (not older than 2 years), the easier it is to fade. There is a higher chance of seeing a clear reduction in the scar if the treatment is started as soon as possible. Existing (older) scars need a longer time before they show improvement. The duration of treatment depends on the scar. The best possible result is achieved by using the gel for at least 2 months for new scars and for at least 3-6 months for existing scars. The treatment may be continued until the scar causes no further problems.

Total net weight:

15 grams (airless tube)

How to store:

Store at room temperature (15-25°C) in a dry, dark place, in the original packaging and out of reach of young children.

Expiry date:

Use Silicone SCAR GEL within 12 months after opening.

Medical device:

Class l medical device under the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.





SURGBARRIER is a durable and concentrated barrier gel which:

- Offers a smooth, viscous, greaseless and fragrance-free moisture barrier.
- Provides a unique long-lasting protection of the skin.
- Provides a mechanical skin interface, for example against maceration.
- Resists wash-off and therefore does not need frequent reapplication.
- Can be used to protect the skin from major factors:
o Wound exudates
o Urinary and faecal incontinence (acute/chronic)
o Digestive fluids
o Friction and shearing forces

Indications for use:

The skin is the body's largest organ. Its major function is to provide a shield between the body's inner and outer layers. However, in the treatment of patients with exuding wounds and incontinent patients further threats are numerous. They rise significantly with the patient's age, as elderly skin is more fragile and more susceptible to disease or damage.
Protection of intact or ‘at-risk’ skin from damage and trans epidermal water loss. It acts as a protective interface between skin and body fluids; for example in patients with chronic urinary incontinence. It also provides protection against damage caused by friction and/or shearing forces and helps prevent and protect chapped, cracked & dry skin.
It is suitable for daily use and adheres well to moist and dry skin.


SURGBARRIER Gel is NOT to be used:

- on broken or infected areas of the skin.
- in combination with any other creams or barrier products.


SURGBARRIER may change (increase/decrease) the adhesion of some tapes and dressings. Be careful when used on fragile skin underneath tapes and dressings.

Use on children:

SURGBARRIER Gel is suitable for use on children and infants.


Skin should be clean and dry prior to application of SURGBARRIER Gel. Apply SURGBARRIER Gel sparingly (in pea-sized amounts) to cover entire affected area. Repeat as necessary. If the skin feels oily, too much has been applied. Reapply when needed, depending on the indication.


30 gram and 100 gram tube.

Regulatory Status:

SURGBARRIER Gel is a medical device under the terms of the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (Class I medical device).